2010 Parliamentary conference


2010 Parliamentary Conference on:

The Harm that Pornography Does;  Its Effects on Adults and Children and the Need for Regulatory Reform
22 November 2010 in The Grand Committee Room, Westminster Hall, SW1
Sponsored by David Burrowes MP and Bob Neill MP

The purpose of the Conference was to provide more expert evidence about the very harmful effects of pornography.   It showed beyond doubt that something radical must be done without delay to improve regulation and halt pornography’s insidious and destructive influence as it becomes mainstream. 

Click here to see Safermedia's Open Letter which was published in the Sunday Times calling on the Government to take urgent action.


  • Pamela Paul,  New York-based author and journalist
  • Nola Leach,  CEO of  Christian charity CARE
  • John Woods,  Consultant Psychotherapist at London’s Portman Clinic
  • Lisa Saint, Consultant, Ray Wyre Associates Child Protection Services
  • Melanie Gill,  Child Forensic Psychologist, Mindful Policy Group
  • Miranda Suit and Pippa Smith, Co Chairmen of Safermedia

Followed by 
The Launch of new charity Safermedia



Part I "Pornography - The Reality"

Session 1 - Introduction - Olave Snelling - Chairman
Session 2 - Pamela Paul ("The Scale of the Problem")
Session 3 - Lisa Saint ("Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Preoccupation and Pornography")
Session 4 - John Woods ("The Impact of Internet Pornography on Young People")
Session 5 - Questions and discussion
Session 6 - Miranda Suit

Part II "The Harmful Effects and Preventive Action"

Session 7 - Introduction - Arthur Cornell - Chairman
Session 8 - Melanie Gill ("Promiscuity and Attachment: How Prosperity and Supply make relationships all about sex")
Session 9 - Nola Leach ("Pornograpy Addicts, their Families and their Treatment")
Session 10 - Questions and discussion
Session 11 - Summary - Arthur Cornell
Session 12 - Pippa Smith ("Call for Action")
Session 13 - Miranda Suit ("Call for Action")
Session 14 - Launch of Safermedia