2008 Parliamentary Conference

This is our main campaign for 2008.  The aim of the conference, and how to get a free ticket, is explained below.  Please print off the invitation for your MP at the bottom of this page!

Conference on the Harmful Effects of Violent Films and Computer Games onYoung People’s Behaviour, and Effective Preventive Action

Monday 17 November 2008 from 1.00pm to 4.00pm in the Grand Committee Room,

Houses of Parliament, Westminster SW1

Sponsored by Nadine Dorries MP

 Speakers will include: 

  • Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP

Member of parliament 

  • Professor Kevin Browne

Department of Forensic and Child Psychology, University of Liverpool

  • Lery Logan

Metropolitan Police Superintendent

  • Keith Bakker

Smith & Jones Consultancy, Amsterdam. Founder of the first Clinic for Video-Game Addicts in Europe

  • Robert Prendergast

Joint Director of Urban Mission

  • Louise Brown

Public Policy Consultant, Christian Care For Our Nation

The urgent purpose, at a time of escalating knife and gun crime and violent anti-social behaviour, is to sensitise those in authority to the link between violent media content and violent behaviour, particularly among young people. This builds on Julian Brazier MP’s private members bill earlier this year by  1) demonstrating  the need to strengthen content regulation and accountability for TV, film and games industries and, ultimately, the internet and,  2) seeking proper Parliamentary scrutiny of the BBFC, ensuring that it has the power to ban harmful material, despite opposition from the powerful media industry.

Following concern about harmful media violence, the Government set up the Byron Review, whose recommendations include: a uniform system of classification, improved labelling for films and games and the promotion of media literacy.   The Culture, Media and Sport Committee has recommended that the internet industry establishes a self-regulatory body.  These recommendations do not go far enough.  They place an unfair and unrealistic burden  of responsibility on hard-pressed parents and will be useless at protecting  children from the malign influences of an industry whose overriding aim is to optimise its enormous profits.

A Comres poll for mediawatch-uk this year found that 76% wanted the amount of violence permitted in films, games and on television to be more tightly controlled, and 68% believed there are links  between violent crime and the level of violence in films.   This is backed up by extensive research evidence of the link between the portrayal of violence and violent behaviour.

NB: This event is free of charge but entry is by ticket only.  Numbers are limited and so tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Apply for tickets and further info by phoning 020 8467 6452 or emailing mediamarch@gmail.com

To download a copy of the letter, please click here.

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