About us

Safermedia is a Charity seeking to reduce the harmful effects of the media on our children, families and society. The portrayal of explicit violence, sex and bad language are becoming normalised as mainstream fare, but research suggests they are partly to blame for violent crime and anti-social behaviour, family breakdown, pornography addiction and sex crime.

Our Vision

Our dream is to see the media influencing people positively and helping to create a safer and happier society for everybody! Help us get the message across to individuals, parents, the general public, government and the regulators.

Our aims

We want to raise awareness and increase understanding of the impact of harmful media content among policy makers, service providers and the public.

We seek to inform, educate and help parents, teachers and carers to protect children and young people better from harmful media.

We aim to monitor media content for compliance with current media regulations and law.

We seek strengthening of these regulations and laws, in the light of academic research.

We aim to commission research on media content.

What we do

  • Make submissions to Government Committees and Public Consultations
    on the media
  • Give talks to parents, clubs, students and churches
  • Publicise academic research on the media
  • Organise Parliamentary conferences
  • Lobby government and regulators






Pippa Smith  Miranda Suit
Pippa Smith and Miranda Suit,
Founders and Co Chairmen of Safermedia

As a result of the BBC’s portrayal of Lady Chatterley’s Lover in the mid 1990s Pippa became concerned about the decline in media standards, and formed FIRMA (Families Involved in Raising Media Awareness) with some friends. Soon after, she met Miranda and discovered they shared a vision to do something about explicit sex and violence in the media. They formed a new organisation, mediamarch, and held their first peaceful protest outside the London HQ of Channel 4 about their programme, ‘Animal Passions’.

A married mother of three children, now grown up, Pippa has lived in various parts of the world having emigrated with her family to New Zealand, then on return to the UK became a Service wife. She has taught French to adults and primary school children.

In the late 1970s Miranda realised that TV had undermined her own attitudes as a teenager and started actively campaigning with The National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association about harmful media content. She soon became aware of research linking pornographic and violent entertainment with sexual and violent crime, and this has inspired her commitment to the cause ever since. She is particularly concerned about media addiction. Miranda formed mediamarch in 2000 with Pippa, and they went on to register Safermedia as a charity in 2010.

Miranda has four grown up children and attends a New Frontiers Church. With a languages degree and a PGCE, she has worked as a translator and teacher, and is currently employed in the homeless sector.