2010/2014 Block Porn Campaign

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This Campaign, headed by Claire Perry MP, calls for UK-based Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide anti-porn filters at network level.   This would stop most pornography from reaching our computers and internet-enabled devices, particularly mobile phones, and protect children much more effectively.   Convergence, which means the internet can now be viewed on our TVs, makes this doubly important. 

 Pippa Smith and Miranda Suit outside The BT Centre, London on 16 May 2011

 Safermedia Founders Pippa Smith and Miranda Suit outside The BT Centre, London on 16 May 2011

What is the problem and what can be done?

Safermedia Conference in Parliament in 2010 (The Harm that Pornography Does) presented clear research evidence that viewing pornography leads to an acceptance of violent and unhealthy notions of sex and relationships; it objectifies women and normalises aggressive sexual behaviour. Some children (under 18s) are now developing problems linked with pornography.

We are calling for ISPs to switch the default setting for Internet pornography into our homes to 'OFF' and implement an 'opt-in' system 

These ISP-level filters would:

  • Be simple, requiring all UK-based ISPs to restrict universal access to pornography.
  • Avoid censorship as they would allow over 18s to opt-in and restore access to porn (based on age verification).
  • Be comprehensive, while it is recognized that no system will ever be 100% effective.
  • Protect better than current PC/device-level filters, which are easily worked around.
  • For more information see website In80Clicks.

Watch Claire talking about this on the BBC Daily Politics show on 24 May 2012.



Latest - December 2012 – OPT IN porn block rejected by Govt but Mr Cameron appoints Claire Perry MP to be his adviser  and implement a new web filter system - read HERE for details.


Presenting the Safetynet Petition with over 110,000 signatures at 10 Downing Street on 6 September 2012

We reached a momentous milestone when we accompanied Claire Perry MP and several other MPs to hand in our Safetynet petition at 10 Downing Street

From left to right:   Miranda, Pippa, Andrew Selous MP, Mark Garnier MP, Fiona Mactaggart MP, Claire Perry MP (Back), Fiona Bruce MP, David Burrowes MP, Peter Kerridge CEO Premier Radio

The handing in of the Petition happily coincided with the day that the Government Consultation on Parental Internet Controls closed. 

Government Consultation on Parental Internet Controls

28 June 2012: Consultation launched – an important step forward for the ‘opt-in’ campaign

The Consultation on Online Parental Controls was launched on 28 June by the DfE/UKCCIS (Department for Education/United Kingdom Council for Child Internet Safety).  Industry and parents were consulted on a broad range of online child protection measures, including the ‘opt-in’ system.

The Consultation received more than 2,000 responses and this clearly shows the issue is of great concern.  We are grateful to all of you who took part despite the short duration and the timing coinciding with the summer holiday period.    Feedback from the Consultation is important as the Government and UKCCIS meet to agree on implementation of the ISPs’ new Code of Practice this Autumn.  This Code does not go far enough or include the opt-in measure, and the importance of public pressure was demonstrated in one radio interview when a member of ISPA (Internet Service Provider Association) said they did not intend to introduce the opt-in measure we are calling for.  NB. Safermedia’s submission can be found HERE (link)

Safermedia did several radio interviews, and the event was covered by a number of media outlets including the Daily Mail:


Meanwhile more and more high profile supporters of the opt-in network level filter are coming forward, e.g. Esther Rantzen, Archbishop Dr John Sentamu and Baroness Susan Greenfield.

The Daily Mail is now supporting with its own Block Porn Campaign

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