Block porn Campaign - "Historical Timeline"

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9 December 2013  - Peers overwhelmingly in favour of Baroness Howe’s Online Safety Bill at its 2nd Reading, but Minister failed to give his support.  


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18 November 2013 – At a summit with the PM, the 4 major ISPs confirmed their agreement to offer default ‘on’ family-friendly filtering and the search engines have begun introducing changes to improve online safety.

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Online Child Safety – Big Things Happening,  by John Carr, Secretary, Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety.

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25 September 2013 -  Research into public Wi-Fi has found that 51% of free hotspots in the UK allow access to content of an adult nature. Read more HERE

22 July 2013 -  Thank you Mr Cameron! A major victory for child safety online - PM announces a major crackdown on internet pornography and child sexual abuse online. Read HERE for his speech   

11 June 2013 - Packed Symposium gives overwhelming support for better online protection for children and issues urgent call for a new coalition to make this happen. To read more go to our recent news opposite or click here

May/June 2013 -  'Protected offline, but exposed online'  Read HERE for information on Baroness Howe's Online Safety Bill  -  Recent NAHT survey shows overwhelming parental support for internet porn block.

14 May 2013 - Press Release by CARE - read HERE for details

3 May 2013 - Claire Perry MP announced that public Wifi should be porn free by the end of 2013 .but some major ISPs still dragging their heels - read HERE for details.

5 February 2013 - Momentum is building for Baroness Howe’s Online Safety Bill. Amendments have been tabled. Read more HERE


9 November 2012 -  Baroness Howe’s Online Safety Bill received its 2nd Reading in the House of Lords. 

You can find an article here, including a piece by Baroness Howe:

Friday 4 May 2012 - David Cameron to announce Consultation on whether to introduce automatic internet pornography filters

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The Report on the Independent Parliamentary Inquiry into Online Child Protection was launched in the House of Commons on Wednesday 18 April 2012 by Claire Perry MP

The Inquiry concluded: ISPs must do more to keep children safe. The press release with summary and recommendations

The actual Report can be found at: or click here

Claire was able to put a question to the PM about the Report. See this and his response at:

At the launch Safermedia were included among the official speakers, and Miranda was quoted in the Daily Mail on 19 April 2012:

We were quoted again on 20 April 2012 as the ISPs defiantly opposed opt-in ISP-level filters:

We also appeared on ITV Daybreak, BBC Radio Birmingham and Revelation TV.

On Sunday 22 April 2012 we had an open letter appearing in the Sunday Times, signed by Safermedia and many Parliamentarians, academics, charities and experts that we have gathered in support. See link Sunday Times 22 Apr 2012 (Word format)

On 30 April 2012 Miranda took part in a discussion on Voice of Russia: Internet Pornography – how harmful is it and do we need greater internet security? Listen here:

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28 March 2012: Baroness Howe of Idlicote introduced a Bill in the House of Lords on Wednesday 28th March 2012 promoting online safety.

The Bill requires Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Mobile Phone Operators (MPOs) to provide a service that excludes pornographic images unless the customer is 18 or over and deliberately opts-in to accessing pornography. Please click here for more information 


18 October 2011 :   Inquiry Panel met with the ISPs

11 October 2011 : Announcement by ISPs on Internet Porn is a Good First Step

8 September 2011:  Inquiry begins

23 Aug 2011 :    Claire Perry MP launches Parliamentary Inquiry into Online Child Protection

A cross-party group of more than sixty Members of the Houses of Parliament announced the formation of a Parliamentary Inquiry into Online Child Protection in August 2011. The Inquiry has been taking evidence from parents, child protection experts, Internet experts and Chief Executives of many of Britain's largest Internet Service Providers.  It will report to Ministers in February 2012.

You can write to your MP asking them to support Claire Perry's campaign using the template letter here   

Check to see if your MP is already one of the group of sixty MPs by clicking here

Link: Claire Perry and a cross-party group of around 60 MPs launch Parliamentary Inquiry into Online Child Protection.

July 2011 :  Culture Secretary, Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, is backing the 'opt in' initiative and says, 'We are telling people that if they do not cooperate in bringing  forward measures that will deal with this issue fast, we will legislate and regulate.' The ISPs have until the autumn to adopt a workable plan.

20 June 2011: the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) held a Parliamentary Advisory Forum in the House of Commons, hosted by Claire Perry MP, at  which the Minister spoke.  Safermedia attended and were able to put our points of view across.

16 June 2011 :  Ed Vaizey held a Briefing for supportive MPs.  Letters from Safermedia supporters and other organisations drew all-party support from more than 60 MPs, 30 of whom attended the Briefing.

- 3rd stage of Safermedia's campaign a letter writing campaign to MPs

18 May 2011 :  Mr Vaizey held a second round table meeting with the ISPs.

16 May 2011 : Safermedia, with mediawatch-uk, held a publicity event outside BT HQ in London.  10 foot high letters were erected, spelling STOP PORN, and Claire Perry MP spoke to two BT executives.

- 2nd stage of Safermedia's campaign was launched:  a letter campaign to  the ISPs urging them to adopt the 'opt in' initiative.

7 February 2011:  armed with over 1000 emails of support from the public, Ed Vaizey met with the major British ISPs and other stakeholders to discuss blocking pornography.  The ISPs went away to look at the technical side of implementation.

2/3 February 2011:  A YouGov Poll found that 83% thought seeing pornographic content on the internet was damaging children.

- 2011:  Safermedia launched the 1st Stage of its Campaign with Claire Perry MP:  urging the public to write to the Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey, calling for ISPs to implement ISP-level filters.


26 December 2010:  Safermedia's Open Letter published in the Sunday Times

27 November 2010:  Claire Perry MP held an Adjournment Debate in Parliament, calling for ISP-level anti-porn filters.

26 November 2010:  Safermedia's Conference in Parliament, 'The Harm that Pornography Does'