2008/2009 letter to BBC Trust chairman

The BBC trust is a new body that's been set up to represent the license-fee payer, that's everyone who watches TV. Last year, in 2007, we wrote a standard letter in which we raised our concerns about the BBC, from dumbing down to widespread bias and explicit content. Many of you agreed, downloaded our letter, and sent it off.  Now, in 2008-2009 we are inviting you to send another letter.  You will see that although we started using the letter in September, the first bullet point was very relevant to the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand furore in late October.  We hope copies of this letter (and copies to DCMS) will be used throughout the first half of 2009.  Please use the letter to Sir Michael Lyons below, and the copy to Andy Burnham at the DCMS. Here are copies of the letters we are sending this year!

To download your own copy of the letter to Sir Michael Lyons please click here.

New letter to BBC Chairman

To download your own copy of the letter to Andy Burnham, please click here.

Proforma letter 2