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Safermedia news  mid Sep 2014



  1. Latest survey on online porn, released in August


Easy access to online pornography is wrecking adolescence for many young people, according to a new Opinium survey, commissioned by centre-left Institute for Public Policy Research think tank:


  • 80% of 18-year-olds said online porn is too easy to access
  • Sexting is 'part of everyday life' for many teens
  • 70% of 18-year-old's said watching porn was seen as normal 
  • Young women especially felt porn can lead to 'unrealistic attitudes'
  • Two-thirds said porn puts pressure on girls to act a certain way 
  • Only 22% said parents were their main source of information on sex
  • 66% believe porn is addictive.


This should galvanise the main ISPs as they aim to have offered free family-friendly network level filters to all their customers by the end of the year.  However the take up has been disappointingly small so far.


Claire Perry MP is now busy with her new role as Rail Minister, but we are heartened to see that Labour MP Helen Goodman is continuing to raise the issue of online safety in Parliament and is calling for legislation.  We hope this will give a boost to Baroness Howe’s Online Safety Bill.


2.  New Chair of BBC Trust


As you may have heard, Rona Fairhead CBE has been appointed as the new Chair of the BBC Trust.   She has an impressive CV both as a city high flyer and as a non-executive member of the Cabinet Office Board and, we are told, has a good sense of right and wrong.   Safermedia sent a written submission to the Culture, Media & Sport Committee prior to her interview on behalf of licence fee payers.   We wish her well in her new and demanding role.


3.  CMS call for Submissions re Ofcom

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee is holding a one-off oral evidence session with Ofcom.  They want short written submissions from industry representatives, consumer bodies and individuals like you.

This is an important opportunity for you to comment on harmful content, mobile policy, broadcasting codes: guidance and complaints handling; public service broadcasting

For more information go to:

4.  As children return to school ….

This is just one of the potential risks on the internet that parents and carers need to be aware of:

Anonymous question sites

What they are

Sites such as Ask.fmSpillit, and (formerly Formspring) let children create a profile page where they can field questions from other users who can remain anonymous. Cyberbullying is common on these sites, as anonymity can encourage children to be bolder (or crueler) than they would be otherwise. 


Discourage your children from using question sites. If that fails, block anonymous questioners (if possible) by using the strictest privacy settings the sites allow. Install good device level filters such as NetNanny which can block such sites and also monitor children’s use.

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