Submissions to Government 

Safermedia have made several submissions to official Government enquiries and consultations. Below are details of these.

Submission to The Culture, Media and Sport Committee Inquiry into Online Safety - September 2013

Safermedia submission to Claire Perry MP’s Parliamentary Inquiry into Online Child Protection - November 2011

Communications Review for the Digital Age  - Mr Vaizey (MS Word)

Safermedia Response to Riots August 2011 - Theresa May (MS Word)

mediamarch submission to Home Affairs Committee on Prevention of Crime (2010) (MS Word)


JUNE 2009 - Findings of Government Home Affairs Committee (HAC) Report on Knife Crime

The HAC findings were published last week, and we are glad to report that some of these are based on the mediamarch (mm) submission and testimony of our expert witness, Prof Kevin Browne from Nottingham University! Our full submission will soon be on our website.

The HAC Report states:

Causes of Knife Crime, para 88. “Evidence to our inquiry supported our view that violent DVDs and video games exert a negative influence on those who watch and play them. Watching or playing such media contributes around 10% of any person’s predisposition to be violent. Of particular concern is their influence on individuals who are already predisposed to violence because they grew up in a violent environment.”

Recommendations, para 43. “We were disturbed to learn that young offenders who are convicted for violent offences are allowed to watch violent DVD and video games in secure units and young offending institutions, given that they may increase the risk of violent behaviour in those already predisposed to violence. We recommend that the Ministry of Justice institute a ban on this kind of material. (mm underlining)”

At mediamarch, while we would have liked to see much tighter regulation of violent media content across the board recommended, we are delighted that the HAC have given official recognition to the power of the media! We also believe that banning violent media, in line with the banning of porn, for young people who are in custody (very often for violent offences!) will have a beneficial effect.


mediamarch submission to Home Affairs Committee on Knife Crime (Nov 2008 - Jan 2009)