1/3 of children have been exposed to explicit pornography on the Internet by the age of ten.


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CMS Meeting

Online Safety Inquiry - Safermedia, together with four other charities arranged for a group of young people to meet the Culture, Media and Sport Committee to give their first hand experiences of how the online world impacts them eg via bullying, social media, pornography (January 2014)

    The Inquiry Report was publiished in March

Pornography websites which do not prevent children accessing them should be prosecuted, a report by a committee of MPs has said.

Publishing adult material online which is “readily available to children” could be against the law, the report warned.

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee’s report, entitled ‘Online safety’, said there is “scope for greater enforcement in this area”.


17th July 2014  “Friendly” Wifi rolled out


National scheme to let you know if the Wifi in a café, train, shop etc has filters installed which block access to porn sites and web addresses known to contain child abuse images.

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Safermedia's response to the riots and looting on our streets throughout the UK in August 2011. 

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Joint internet safety campaign by 4 main ISPs BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin aims to help parents and carers keep their children safe online by providing them with simple, easy and practical advice